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Amistad Cristiana International Official Endorsement

Amistad Cristiana International Inc. stands in full support of our pastor Javier Chavez. A faithful man who served God and God’s people for 20 years as a missionary to South America, church planter, pastor, college professor, and denominational leader in the Georgia Baptist Convention.

In 2016 the Chavez family embarked in a faith journey and planted Amistad Cristiana in Gainesville. Starting with only four families, the congregation is today one of the rapid growing Hispanic churches in northeast Georgia.

Pastor Chavez brings a servant spirit to the Southern Baptist Convention. In a recent international leadership meeting with tears in his eyes, he shared, "Twenty years ago, when Noelia and I were feeding very poor children in the marginal areas of Lima and all seemed so discouraging, I cried out to God complaining that no one was getting saved. That night God's Word assured me that he was not looking for my human success but instead for a total dependency on God. As I see where the Lord has placed me today, all I desire to become each day is a more humble vessel He can use."

AMC will send a full slate of messengers in support of our pastor’s nomination for 2nd Vice-President. An unanimous decision to endorse him was made which received the full support of our extended ministry partners in Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Switzerland, and the UK.

AMC International Inc. Gainesville Ga June 3, 2021


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