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Statement on Dr. Chavez's Participation at the CBN Conference

In response to questions our church has received this week about Dr. Chavez’s participation in the upcoming Bible Conference of the Conservative Baptist Network in Memphis TN, our response is as follows:

  1. Dr. Chavez received the invitation months ago. Our pastor appreciates not only the opportunity but also the willingness of the CBN to invite a Hispanic pastor to be one of the speakers of their event.

  2. As a church we take seriously the preaching of God's Word and our pastor does not assess any ministry opportunity based on personal or public expediency but on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Dr. Chavez will have a busy two-day agenda with different meetings:


Late Night Arrival


8.30am Breakfast with Hispanic pastors MS

10.30am Visit to Iglesia Gracia International

12pm Meeting with pastors

3pm Meeting with Dr. Bartholomew Orr, Senior Pastor Brown Missionary Baptist Church

6pm CBN Bible Conference


8am Breakfast with Hispanic pastors TN

10am Preach at CBN Bible Conference

11am Meeting with Dr. Matt Akers, Director of the Hispanic Program at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

3pm Visit to Pastor Jaime Loayza and family

5pm Return to Georgia

Once again, Amistad Cristiana appreciates all the respectful questions and enormous support that have come to us and we reiterate our call to make of Anaheim a place of respect and unity for the sake of the Gospel.

Amistad Cristiana International Inc.

Gainesville Georgia

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