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Hooked on Jesus Ministry is the bilingual youth ministry at Amistad Cristiana. Our mission is for every youth to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.  Also, to increase youth’s knowledge of God’s Word, so they can live a godly life.  And that every youth acknowledges that they are part of the body of Christ and become an active part of our church. 
We promote youth’s:
  • Spiritual Growth (a relationship with God),
  • Social Growth (relationship with Others)
  • Emotional Growth through the Arts, Music, Theater, Painting, Drawing (a healthy relationship with Themselves).
Our training process seeks to create a shared responsibility between:
Parents + Church + Youth
To achieve this goal each week we teach, pray, and bless our youth by declaring three biblical principles that bring a blessed life to fruition:
Wisdom + Obedience + Service = Success in Life
For a victorious generation,
For more information visit us or contact us:
Nancy Bautista-Manzo
Youth Director
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