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On Behalf of Pastor Chavez

With sorrow and tears I write this message to express my condolences and repudiation of what took place in Uvalde, Texas. The killing of 21 innocent people among them 19 elementary school children and two adults is the worst expression of humanity.

Hurts to learn that Uvalde is a small community in which the majority are Hispanic and the perpetrator himself was a Hispanic young man. I am clear that violence, hate, and suffering crosses all ethnicities, but as I have stated from my pulpit many times, “it is necessary to acknowledge that the Latino community in the U.S. must address the issue of violence in ALL its forms and come to the realization that the only solution to the problem is through a personal and sincere encounter with the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ.”

I pray for all families affected, especially for the parents of those little ones who had no reason of dying this way. Even though I am away, I am in contact with faithful church people who are serving their community in this time of pain.

Pastor Javier Chavez


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