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Dr. Javier Chavez receives visit of Peru's Congressman Alejandro Munante

On October 3-5 Amistad Cristiana International Inc. received the visit of Mr. Alejandro Munante, congressman of Peru and former 3rd. Vice President of the National Congress. Munante, a Christian believer, is also a defender of pro-life, pro-family, and religious liberty causes.

The visit had as a purpose to meet with Dr. Javier Chavez, a Peruvian-American citizen, known for his outstanding service in the Christian academic world and respected Georgia Baptist pastor. Among the topics discussed during their conversations were issues related to Peru's national politics, economic development, foreign policy concerns, the need for developing strategic academic partnerships with Christian conservative colleges and universities in the U.S., and the strengthening of conservative life and family values in Peru.

Using his academic, church, and political relationships, Dr. Chavez lined up a series of meetings that took place during Munante's short stay in Gainesville:

  1. Dinner with Amistad Cristiana International Leadership.

  2. Meeting with Rev. Thomas Hammond, Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

  3. Meeting with Dr. Steven Steinhilber, President of Luther Rice College and Seminary.

  4. Meeting with Mr. Giancarlo Leon Collazos, Peruvian Consul in Atlanta.

  5. Meeting with two republican senators and congressmen from the state of Georgia.

  6. Visit to the Georgia State Capital led by Mr. Michael Griffin, Georgia Baptist Public Affairs Director.

  7. Meeting with Dr. Van Sanders, Director of the Global Center at Truett-McConnell University.

  8. Guided tour of the Truett-McConnell University campus by Mr. Marty Carnes, Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

  9. Special lecture and interview led by Dr. Javier Chavez at Truett-McConnell University.

In all of these meetings, Munante extended an invitation to all religious and academic leaders to visit Peru and to pray for his nation. Mr. Abraham Rojas, a chief of staff advisor in the National Congress of Peru, accompanied Mr. Munante on this trip.

Amistad Cristiana International Inc.

Gainesville, Georgia


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