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Dr. Javier Chavez in Peru’s National Congress

July 21, 2023. Dr. Javier Chavez and a missions team from Birchman Baptist Church have private audience with Peru's National Congress.

LIMA, PERU – Javier Chavez, senior pastor of Amistad Cristiana International in Gainesville, Ga., and a missions team from Fort Worth, Texas’s Birchman Baptist Church accepted an invitation from the National Congress of Peru for a private audience with the Third Vice President Alejandro Muñante.

The meeting took place Friday morning, July 21. Discussion topics included religious liberty, protections for the unborn, and family values.

Cameron Bowman, Birchman’s minister of young adults and outreach, stated: “It was an honor to meet with Vice President Muñante and his staff. Birchman is committed to supporting local pastors and churches across Peru, and to hear the congressman’s support for these faithful churches, as well as his strong pro-family and pro-religious liberty positions, is encouraging. I look forward to returning to speak with the entire Peruvian Congress”, Bowman said of the meeting.

Chavez said he, too, welcomes the opportunity for greater communication with Peru.

“I believe Peru is facing a challenging political moment,” Chavez said. “There has been a surge of confrontation in the political discourse that has tampered in many instances the possibility of a respectful disagreement. I find it divinely orchestrated, however, the opportunity received to speak this morning with the second and third vice presidents of Congress. I am also honored to have been distinguished with a special recognition and gift from Vice President Alejandro Muñante for my service to the Peruvian population. Responding to an official invitation, I am also eager to return later this year to speak to other congressmen and women. May God be honored in my country.”

Bob Pearle spoke warmly of the invitation as well.

“God is doing a great work through churches and pastors throughout Peru, and our church family is glad to be a part of it. In addition to supporting local congregations and our evangelism efforts, promoting religious liberty and pro-life causes around the world is a priority for our church. I’m honored by the invitation to meet with the Peruvian National Congress. I’m also grateful Cameron Bowman, our team, and Dr. Chavez were able to meet with Congressman Muñante while in Lima this week.”

After their discussions, Chavez was commended for his steadfast leadership and committed service to Peruvian society nationally and internationally. Chavez, a Peruvian national and a former missionary, has championed conservative causes through the years and has become a rising voice among Latin American evangelicals.

This meeting comes as Pastor Chavez and the missions team from Birchman Baptist Church are traveling throughout the city of Lima to host worship and evangelism concerts. The trip is a part of

Birchman’s long-term partnership with local pastors and churches throughout Peru. This week, more than three dozen people have come to faith in Jesus Christ and are being baptized and discipled by local congregations.


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